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How Much Commission Will You Charge to List My Home?

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Today I received an email from a home seller who found me online and wanted to know how much commission I would charge to sell his home, without meeting me or having me see his home. I have had this question before, and it got me thinking. Many sellers want an answer before an agent even meets them or sees their home, and this is a bit challenging. Of course, commissions are negotiable – some agents will lower them and others will not, and some may even have a set low number they’ll provide before seeing your home or meeting you. images

While a low commission will save you money, here are some important points all home sellers should adhere to when selecting an agent:

1. Understand what the agent will do for you. Full service and partial service brokerages vary a great deal, so make sure you know what you are “getting” for the low commission an agent has proposed. Will your agent provide:

– Professional photography

– Custom color flyers

– Marketing – online, print, social media, etc.

– Showing tips and staging (if necessary), as well as referrals to service providers that may be needed

– Broker caravan tour

– Open houses (if desired)

– Take calls and show the property

– Vet potential buyers before accepting an offer

– Communicate with all parties involved in the sale – escrow, title, lender, buyer’s agent, inspectors, repair people

– Handle all paperwork, including disclosures, amendments, repair requests and contingencies

– Negotiate with the buyer – it is important to note that getting a contract accepted is only the beginning. There is still negotiating to be done (unless the buyer agreed to purchase as-is and has no contingencies). Many sales fall through because of a weak negotiator, so make sure your agent is going to be there to do so.

– Keep the buyer in the sale – this really is similar to the point above, but a little different. Sometimes a buyer may discover something that makes him/her uncomfortable, so it is important to have an agent who can think outside the proverbial box and lessen those anxieties.

2. Understand what the agent will NOT do for you. Make sure you have a clear idea of what will not be included in the commission – some low commission brokerages only list your home on the MLS and leave it at that. If you run into any negotiations – over price, repairs, etc. you need to have a strong negotiator on your side or the sale may fall a part. Make sure you know your agent’s role.

3. Understand YOUR role in the sale. Again, if you hire an agent who is pretty much just placing your home on the MLS, you need to understand it may be your responsibility to hold open houses, let agents in and schedule showings, and provide all required paperwork. Some people don’t mind doing these things, but others don’t have the time nor want to be bothered with them. Also, if during the course of the sale bumps arise in the road, it is important to have someone to rely on for advice. If your agent is not going to do so I strongly recommend having an attorney in your corner – of course this will cost you extra money so look into it first.

The bottom line is that pretty much everyone wants a “deal.” Since commissions are negotiable there is a good change sellers will find one if that is what they are looking for, but keep in mind that selling a home is a legal transaction, one for which there could be liability and potential lawsuits – even long after the home has been sold. Saving money is nice but when it comes to legalities personally I would rather know that I am protected in the best way possible, and if that means spending a bit more I wouldn’t mind – often in life you get what you pay for. You have to decide what you think is important.

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Coastal North County Golf Course Review

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Golf is a BIG sport, in case you haven’t noticed. It is a $7 billion industry, with 25 million golfers alone in the U.S. If you are a golfer or are thinking about taking up the game, you couldn’t find a better place then coastal North San Diego. The area offers some of the best and most beautiful public courses, many with gorgeous views and lush, rolling greens. Here is a quick review of some of the finest and most fun places to tee it up along the coast, from Carlsbad to La Jolla.

Four Seasons Aviara Golf Club and Resort: Located in one of the most prestigious areas of Carlsbad, the Aviara Golf Club is in great shape and presents a beautiful and challenging layout for a resort course. Although on the pricier side, you will not be disappointed. Practice your long putts on some of the biggest greens in the county. There is also a world class golf school by Kip Putterbaugh on the premises. Visit for more information.

The Crossings at Carlsbad: Carlsbad’s newest $68 million golf course provides some stunning views and a beautiful clubhouse, along with great prices for a round of golf. A few drawbacks include some awkward holes that had to be constructed around protected open space, the fact that it is a carts-only course (not favorable for the traditionalist golfer), numerous power towers along the perimeter, and frequent planes overhead taking off from neighboring Palomar Airport. But The Crossings is a great deal and the greens are usually in good shape, providing for a fun round. Visit for further information.

Encinitas Ranch: Encinitas Ranch is a relatively easy, wide open course with nice ocean views. A great beginner course due to the lack of many sand traps or challenging holes, the ocean breezes and decently priced rounds will provide for a fun day. For more information visit

La Costa Resort: The recent renovations to the famous La Costa Resort and Spa have brought prestige back to the locale. Unfortunately the course was not upgraded, and with the loss of a big annual PGA event the upkeep has suffered. Course conditions are somewhat poor, with bumpy greens and a lack of sufficient sand in the bunkers. Walking is permitted with a caddie. Prices are on the high side but the views of surrounding La Costa are beautiful and the clubhouse and restaurants are fantastic. For more information please visit

Torrey Pines: Torrey Pines is by far the most spectacular, most challenging, and all around best course for the money in San Diego. Almost tournament-ready all the time and exceptionally well- maintained, Torrey is home to PGA tournaments and provides for a challenging game; the South course is likely as tough as any course in the world. The greens and rough are perfect and you will not be disappointed. Prices can be a bit high if you are not a resident, but even so it is well worth it to play a course like this. If you are planning on playing on the weekend I advise you get there at sun-up, as it is first come-first-to-tee-off, and it can be slow if you get there later. For more information visit

The bottom line is that if you are a golfer, or would like to be one, you will never be bored in San Diego. By the way, if you ARE a golfer (or would like to be one), you have to check out this AMAZING line of golf products. Yes, I am a little biased but it is a fact. You can even check out the press on it. Visit to see what I mean.

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