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Do You Have Klout?

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Well, do you? If not, you need to get it! If you have no idea what I am talking about let me explain.

Klout is the future–it is where internet savvy people will go to check you out and find out who are the informative leaders in your field. Klout is the self-proclaimed “standard for influence.” It tells you how much influence you have online–who influences you and whom you influence. This is done by giving you a score, after evaluating your social media presence (from Facebook and Twitter). It looks at your content and what you are putting out there in cyberspace. Your score changes as your online presence grows or falters.

Klout provides a detailed breakdown of your online presence, covering topics like the likelihood that your content will be acted upon, the influence level of your engaged audience, and the size of your engaged audience. It breaks down these topics into charts or numbers so you can see a detailed analysis of how you are influencing others. For example, under the topic “Likelihood that your content will be acted upon,” you can see how many people have retweeted your tweets and how many times you have been mentioned on Twitter. It will tell you how many “likes” you have and the number of comments you have received on Facebook.

If you are using social media in your business this is a phenomenal tool. It can tell you where you need to focus more or maybe not spend so much time. By far one great advantagel is seeing who influences you and whom you influence. It’s a great way to learn how to grow your presence online and become an expert in your field. You can see the topics under which your content falls. For example, mine include real estate, law/attorneys, sales and social media.

Klout also gives you a classification, with 16 possible classifications, which Klout calls “a personality test for your style of influence.” Check it out at All in all it is a great way to see where you are making a difference, or how much clout you have. Ahem, I meant Klout.

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Move Over Google…There’s a New Player in Town

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Google has been the top search engine for a long time, but may not be so for long. Qwiki has made it’s debut, and while still in it’s beta phase it promises to change the way we search for information.

Qwiki is an interactive platform, which means that it is not centered on entering search terms and then doing a lot of reading to find what you are looking for. Qwiki is visual, it speaks to you (literally), it helps us to learn, understand and connect in a whole new way. For example, if you enter in the subject matter “San Francisco,” you will be presented with a narrative, complete with photos and video, of all San Francisco has to offer. It is deep, information-rich content and it is exciting. The entire search is narrated for you. You can search for everything from “butternut squash” to “pencils” to “Santorini” (see below).

Qwiki allows you to create videos and get embed codes, which you can use on your website. It is truly the future of the internet. Soon it will be available to everyone, but if you want to sign up for Qwiki in it’s beta phase go to Qwiki, like Google, will change the way we all search, learn and do business. Here is an example of what Qwiki can do:

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