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Four Traits Every Realtor Should Possess

Monday, December 5th, 2011

No matter what business you are in, if you work with people there are some things you should always do if you want to be successful. By successful I don’t mean financially, although if you do possess these qualities that will follow, but successful in making your clients truly feel well cared for. For Realtors, it’s not just about closing the sale, but making sure our clients are represented properly, are informed throughout the process, and that they have a strong partner and watchdog from beginning to end.

If you want to make sure you are giving your clients the best,  you need to possess the following traits. This by no means is the entire list, but those which I feel are the most important.

1.  Listening skills. If you cannot truly listen to your clients than you may want to find another business. Listening is key to understanding your client’s goals and desires, their fears and insecurities. There is nothing more important than being a good listener, since you are representing your client’s interests. It will also give you an understanding so that if you need to tackle tough issues you know how to approach them without offending your client, creating anger or stress, or coming across like you do not care. In our fast-paced world it is easy to want to move along quickly, but take the time to really listen…you will be amazed at how much easier it makes your job, AND how much happier your clients will be!

2.  Honesty and humility.  Honesty and trust must be earned, and that is especially true in fiduciary relationships, like Realtor-client. Explain everything, take time to point out the possibilities and consequences of each action, even if your client is an experienced home buyer or seller. If a client asks to do something that does not feel comfortable, let them know. Trust your instincts. Always be humble and use praise as a tool – compliments are wonderful, and you should be happy. But also tell yourself that you need to keep learning, keep educating, so that you can continue to provide the best service as the market fluctuates and needs change.

3.  Accessibility. Nothing makes me more frustrated than a representative who is inaccessible. If you are helping me through  something, you better be there when I have questions or need something! So many Realtors do not heed this advice, and I think this is one of the biggest mistakes one can make. You surely are not helping your clients or colleagues if you don’t answer your calls, emails, and texts in a timely manner.

4.  Respect for colleagues. It’s not just about your clients, but also your colleagues – other Realtors, escrow officers, mortgage professionals, title reps and others with whom you work. If you have a listing you need to call people back, provide information that is requested. Not doing so has a big impact on your own clients, and on your reputation in the industry as well.

None of the above traits are any you have not heard of in the past. But it is important to remind ourselves, especially in such a crazy world and an evolving market, that beneath it all we are simply human. Sure, we all want to make a living, but the only way we will survive this business is by putting our clients first and treating everyone with respect (even those peers who don’t seem to deserve it), including ourselves.

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Who Is on YOUR Team?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Being part of a team is important for so many reasons, in most every field and job. Even if you work for yourself you most likely have a team of people without whom you could not adequately do your job. Those who don’t have strong teams tend to be less positive and have higher stress levels.

In case you are wondering what I mean by “team,” it is a term I use to include all those to whom I turn for assistance, answers, services–things that help me provide better service to my clients. I do not mean handing my work over, because that is something I do NOT believe in personally (it’s just not the way I function); instead I include as team members those who help my clients, or help me to better serve them. My team members are the people who stand behind me, and I behind them.

On my team I have mortgage brokers, transaction coordinators, short sale experts, attorneys, escrow officers and other Realtors, a host of contractors, repair people, internet experts, technology gurus, designers and jacks of all trades. These are people I can reach out to when I need a question answered or service provided, and I know they will provide me with the best information because I trust them all explicitly. I can count on these people and know they will do a fantastic job helping my clients or helping me to provide even better service. In turn I help them.

So, who is on your team? If you have not done so, take the time to evaluate everyone and see what they contribute to your success. Maybe you are missing some players. If so, seek them out–don’t worry if it takes time to do so. When you find the right people it is a true win-win situation.

Working together with all the people I include on my team not only makes my job easier, but so much more rewarding. It allows me to really be able to concentrate on my clients, and I owe much of that to my team. So if you do not have a team working behind you it is necessary in today’s world. Seek those whom you can truly trust and connect with them. You will be surprised at how much happier you will be.

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