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Help Me to Help Children!

Monday, May 10th, 2010

I recently read an article in the San Diego Union Tribune that made my heart sing. It was about an organization called Just In Time here in San Diego. It is dedicated to helping young adults emerge from the foster system into the real world, aiding them in becoming successful adults and staying off the streets. This really touched me, as I was adopted at birth and have been seeking ways to give back to organizations that help with adoptions and the foster system.

For anyone who is aware of the realities of the foster care system in California (and many other states, I am sure), it is filled with many stories; from positive experiences to those that are truly devastating. Those not lucky enough to get adopted out to a permanent family may face challenges when they turn 18 and are all of a sudden on their own.

Just in Time focuses on helping young adults 18-26 years old as they transition into adulthood. Many of these young people do not have the support of family, which makes going out on their own difficult. They need guidance and help getting started—with school or a job, a place to live, transportation, and more.

As an adopted child I have been interested in the process for most of my life, but the last decade or so I have been seeking ways to give back to those who are in the system, to dedicate my time helping others. I have volunteered for the San Diego Department of Health and Human Services in their adoption department for several years. But I have also been looking for other ways to help make a difference in this arena, and Just in Time has me excited.

There is another organization that was recently started founded by NFL player Phillip Rivers called Rivers of Hope. It’s mission is to help children who are currently going through the foster care system. This is another wonderful organization that works with children within the foster system.

I will be donating a portion of my commission from every sale going forward to organizations like these, in the hopes that it will make life a little brighter for children in the foster system as well as those exiting it to start their own lives.

If you are interested in helping these great causes you can visit their websites to learn further information. For Just in Time visit http:/// For Rivers of Hope Foundation go to

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