A Reflection on Life Blessings

Three days ago one of my neighbors passed away. She was a beautiful woman, almost the same age as me, with 2 children roughly the same age as my children. Like me, she had her own business. The impact her death has had on my life is astounding, and as a mother it has made me so very grateful to be here today, and every day, for my family and those who are dear to me. th

My sister in law passed away at the same age as my neighbor – 46. Watching her children go through such a horrible circumstance was so difficult. So my neighbor’s death really brought back all those memories of losing my sister in law, whom I still miss every day. As parents we never really think about leaving our children behind- I know for me it has been the biggest fear since mine were born. We want to be there for our children and help them grow up, and want to see who they become and what lives they make for themselves. Too many young parents do not get to be there for all the beautiful things – graduations, significant others, jobs, marriages, children, etc.

This holiday season I feel more grateful than normal, and I am going to carry that with me daily. Our time here is only borrowed and can be very short – we never know when it will be up. So I am going to spend even more time with family and friends, and make sure that I give thanks every day for being here. I am also going to send my love and prayers to the neighbors who no longer have a mother, and to all motherless and fatherless children everywhere.

With all the terrible things going on in this world – wars, hardships, stress, illness, political messes – we all need to realize that it’s better to face difficult situations and get through them than it is to not be here. So lighten up and take notice of all the things in your life you have to appreciate, and don’t just be grateful, but share that feeling and pass it on. You are blessed.

Happy holidays to you all.

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