Can Bankrutpcy Prevent Foreclosure?

Recently I heard of a desperate homeowner who was told to file bankruptcy in order to prevent foreclosure. But will this really work?

Foreclosure postponement reasons are outlined in the California Civil Code (section 2924 g (c) (2)), and can include mutual agreement, operation of law (such as charges of fraud against the lender), discretion of a trustee, request of a beneficiary and bankruptcy.

Many believe that filing for bankruptcy actually stops foreclosure, but the truth is that it merely puts a stay on all debt collection actions, for up to one year. This means that actions such as foreclosure cannot proceed until the debt is resolved by the homeowner, or until the lender obtains permission from the court to continue with the sale of the property.

If a homeowner can work out a plan to pay debt owed to the lender on the home than bankruptcy could be a good option. It gives the homeowner time to restructure obligations and devise a plan for paying them. In such a case a postponement could be beneficial. But if you are trying to find a way to stop foreclosure, bankruptcy is not such an option.

My advice is to speak with a bankruptcy attorney to see if this is a viable option for you. You need to understand all of the consequences of a bankruptcy, as well as your state laws, and you need to explore other options as well before filing. I also advise speaking with your accountant to see if there are other ways to structure your obligations.

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